Por que você não quer mais ir à igreja? (9)

Northland, A Church Distributed, a megachurch in central Florida, is all about helping people worship where they are.

Their latest iPhone Web app is helping thousands do exactly that.

Northland is one of the first churches to stream worship services live over the iPhone. Already 2,000 people are worshipping with Northland online every week.

"For us, the distinctive is, wherever we are, whether were gathered in ones or tens, hundreds or thousands, that we are gathering to worship our God together. That is key for us and that is what drove us to build the online worship environment that we built," said Nathan Clark, Northland's director of digital innovation.

The 12,000-member church has taken innovative approaches to growth since 2001 when it launched multiple sites, or "distributed sites" throughout Metro Orlando. It began webcasting its services in 2006 and later launched an interactive version of its webstream that includes an online pastor and a chatroom.

Its very name – Northland, A Church Distributed – reflects how they see church.

"It's not a place you leave your community to go, it’s the gathering of community for worship, service and equipping," Clark explained.

fonte: The Christian Post

3 comentários:

Alzira Sterque disse...

Excelente! Esta é a igreja que Jesus quer, que dissemine a Sua poderosa palavra --- a tempo e fora de tempo, usando todos os recursos...Quero uma dessa também no Brasil!

berna disse...

sou domingueira mano.

Gustavo K-fé disse...

... enquanto isso, pessoas morrem de fome e não tem dinheiro para o ônibus para o hospital.

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